Photo GeoTag


Geotag your jpeg, PSD, tiff and png files

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Photo GeoTag allows you to geotag JPEG, PNG, PSD and TIFF files, or change the existing geotag information.  It’s a great way to add or correct the GPS properties of any JPEG, PNG, PSD or TIFF file! Have a lot of photos with no GPS values?  Now you can easily geotag them.  Have photos with an incorrect GPS location?  Now you can easily correct the GPS location.

When you open a JPEG, PNG, PSD or TIFF image file with Photo GeoTag, the image and a map are displayed on a single window.  If the image has GPS properties, a map pin is placed on the map representing the GPS location.  To change the latitude and longitude GPS properties, simply drag the map pin to a new location.  To add the latitude and longitude GPS properties, either specify the address, or the latitude and longitude values, or simply shift-click the map and a pin is dropped on the location you clicked.  It’s that easy!  To update the altitude, click the altitude button.  No changes are made to the file until you save your changes.

A batch mode is also available for assigning the same location to multiple files.

Major features include

  1. Bullet Change the existing latitude and longitude location of a JPEG, PNG, PSD or TIFF geotagged file.

  2. BulletAdd latitude and longitude location values to a JPEG , PNG, PSD or TIFF file that has not been geotagged.

  3. BulletAdd or update the altitude to a geotagged JPEG, PNG, PSD or TIFF file.

  4. BulletImport GPX track and waypoint data for reference (Photo GeoTag will not automatically set the photo location according to timestamps from GPX data)..

  5. BulletInspector drawer shows image details.

  6. BulletSend the location to Apple Maps.

  7. BulletBatch mode for processing multiple files at once.

  8. BulletDisplays file metadata.

  9. BulletExport file metadata.

  10. BulletShows satellite view of location.

  11. BulletExport screenshot of map.

  12. BulletImage is not recompressed.

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